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Slack, neglected, and wrinkly-looking skin, or skin whose appearance is marred by cellulite or other unsightly skin imperfections can be a sign of dysfunctions far beneath the ski’s surface in the derma and hypoderma. Standard beauty treatments often do no more than act on the epidermis and have no useful Effect on the layers of skin beneath this external barrier. 


What is Acthyderm®?

Acthderm is an advanced technology that creates Pulse – a revolutionary new technique which uses special electroporation impulse to act directly on the cell membrane and treat poor skin tone from the inside, in the deepest layers of the derma without the slightest discomfort and without needles.


Why Choosing Acthyderm®?

Acthyderm is a patented, FDA Approved Class III Medical Device employing a process called HTD- Hypodermic Transdermal Delivery. This is an advanced drug delivery strategy, which allows the painless therapy of a variety of conditions, by eliminating all complications resulting from standard injection treatments. 

Acthyderm Pulse is easy to use, quick and efficient. It offers visible results even after the first few treatments. It tones facial skin, buttocks and breasts; it has been proven to be very effective against cellulite and stubborn areas of fat. It reduces wrinkles and stretch marks while moisturizing and nourishing the patient’s skin. 


How is Acthyderm ® presented?

Facial Treatment

Body Treatment