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Breast Procedures


 Breast Augmentation

The latest surgical techniques of breast augmentation are available at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Dr. Hamdan is one of a few surgeons in the region to offer the transumbilical approach –i.e. the “Belly Button” breast augmentation procedure. This technique leaves no visible scars on the breast and allows for a faster recovery period compared to other techniques. For this procedure, the saline implant is used. Dr. Hamdan, is also highly experienced with the new silicon or “Gummy Bear” implants, which could be placed through a variety of ways: peri-areolar (nipple), trans-axillary (armpit) or infra-mammary (breast crease). 


 Breast Lift

As a woman ages, her skin loses some elasticity, causing the breast to sag under the pull of gravity. Pregnancy can cause the breast to lose firmness and volume. A breast lift, or Mastopexy, is a procedure for safely lifting the sagging breast. In the procedure, excess skin is removed and the nipple raised to a higher position. This procedure involves rearranging the breast tissue. 


 Breast Lipo Reduction

The Breast Reduction or LIPO-Reduction Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of large, pendulous breast. LIPO-Reduction Mammoplasty will create smaller breasts without scars associated withe the tradictional reduction operation. It will provide only minimal lifting effect, and final result will take up to 6 months to achieve.